If you’re like most professional writers, you know that sometimes the work goes smoothly, and sometimes it doesn’t. Typical challenges are:

  • You have too many good ideas and they’re fighting for space.
  • You’re so close to the project that you’ve lost perspective.
  • You’re behind schedule and need to make a deadline.
  • The material is complex and hard to organize.

As a ghostwriter, I have a knack for writing in other people’s voices and helping them produce their best work. Because I expect to stay behind the scenes, I don’t impose my own ideas or creative voice. Rather, I help you to clarify themes, structure your ideas and create readable, enjoyable, sellable material.

The reason you should consider working with me is simply this: my clients are able to surmount the challenges of writing more quickly. They spend
less time being stuck and more time enjoying their work. You can, too.