“Ben Taxy is a rare combination of rock-solid talent and visionary skills. He would add to the quality of any project. I am grateful for his work and would recommend him as being among the best in the profession.”

– Benjamin Shield, Ph.D., co-author of Healers on Healing, For the Love of God, Handbook of the Heart, and Handbook of the Soul

“Ben Taxy is one of the best ghostwriters in the business today. His organizational talent and his uncanny ability to ‘write like you’ anchors and masterfully launches your material. Your readers will grasp your primary points, ramifications and conclusions, all in a singular voice—yours!”

– Dee Gregory, author of Breaking Through from McGraw Hill; Syndicated columnist, Steps for Recovery newspaper; and former network TV comedy writer

“I have access to all top comedy writers in the business and I like to work with and refer people to Ben Taxy. Ben has an incredible ability to write in your voice and the talent to make you sound original and funny.”

– Judy Carter, author of The Comedy Bible

“Not only is Ben is one of the smartest and most talented book gurus around, but he truly cares about his clients and their goals. Working with Ben is a surefire way to turn your literary dreams into reality.”

– Sally Stewart, author of Media Training 101

“Ben is very smart, fun and truthful. If you’re looking for a top-notch writer you can trust, look no farther.”

– Erin Gruwell, author and editor of The Freedom Writer’s Diary

“Ben Taxy has a knack for getting to the essence of something and capturing it with simple and direct language. I’ve known him for ten years; he is a total professional and fun to work with.”

– Justin Harelik, esq., Bankruptcy Adviser and Columnist for Bankrate.com

“Ben Taxy is an incredible generator of useful ideas. He has a wide range of expertise and a facility for seeing and amplifying what’s good – even things you may not have noticed.”

– Michael Gordin, Ph.D., Professor of History and Science at Princeton University and author of A Well-Ordered Thing: Dmitrii Mendeleev and the Shadow of the Periodic Table

“Ben Taxy has a knack for rendering the complex accessible. Using everyday examples to illustrate universal truths, he offers readers a window through which they can better understand themselves.”

– Rachel Klauber-Spieden, Knopf Publishing

“Ben Taxy is a talented writer who knows how to effectively deliver your message. His commitment to understanding your marketing platform and your sales opportunities makes him a trustworthy partner in any venture.”

– Nina Taylor, Editor in Chief, Pneuma Books