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Many presentation coaches have backgrounds in acting. What makes me different is my experience as a speechwriter and an improv performance director.

An Improvisational Approach To Giving Presentations

Suppose you have a high-stakes speaking opportunity such as a presentation to the CEO of your company, a sales pitch to a prospective client or financier, a keynote at an industry conference, or a TED talk.

You may think you’re supposed to memorize your speech. Rehearse how you will move and gesture. Project your voice. Punch your verbs. Make eye contact. Pause. Smile.

This is how an actor works, and it’s a good approach for some people.

However, it may not feel right to YOU.

You don’t want to memorize every word and plan every gesture. It’s so boring, and it sucks the life out of your performance.

You’re not an actor.

You’re an improvisor.

You prefer to speak extemporaneously.

That's why you prefer Q & A. 

When you're reacting to a specific question, you can connect to that person, access your expertise, and be fresh, authentic, and in the moment.

As your coach, I'll help you approach your speeches, pitches, and presentations in the same way.

What Makes Me Different

Many presentation coaches have backgrounds in acting/directing. What makes me different is my experience as a speechwriter and an improv performance director.

As a speechwriter, I'll work with you to empathize with your audience, connect with their emotional needs, and develop clear and compelling material that persuades listeners to act.

As an improv performance director, I'll help you to feel confident, access your expertise, and find your flow. Then, you'll naturally move, gesture, pause, make eye contact, smile, and deliver your speech in your optimal speaking style.

  • Get your ideas out of your head and into an organized structure
  • Manage your creative timeline and work efficiently
  • Overcome fear, self-doubt, and paralysis
  • Raise your public profile and establish your expertise
  • Bring in more clients, customers, and partners

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Ben Taxy is a rare combination of rock-solid talent and visionary skills. He would add to the quality of any project. I am grateful for his work and would recommend him as being among the best in the profession.

Benjamin Shield

Ph.D., co-author of Healers on Healing, For the Love of God, Handbook of the Heart, and Handbook of the Soul

I have access to all top comedy writers in the business and I like to work with and refer people to Ben Taxy. Ben has an incredible ability to write in your voice and the talent to make you sound original and funny.

Judy Carter

Author of the best-selling books The Message Of You, The Comedy Bible

Ben Taxy is ‘The Idea Man’ and ‘The Structure King.’ His honest feedback is a safety net, protecting me from artistic blind spots and giving me confidence in what I do well. He helped me find exactly what I wanted to say and how to say it in the most concise and creative way.

Brad Henke

Actor, Orange Is The New Black, Fury, Bright, Sneaky Pete, Justified, Lost

Ben is a total professional, fun to work with, and has a knack for getting to the essence of something with simple and direct language.

Justin Harelik

CEO, Westgate Law, and Bankruptcy Adviser and Columnist for

Ben has a wide range of expertise and a facility for seeing and amplifying what’s good – even things you may not have noticed.

Michael Gordin, Ph.D.

Professor of History and Science at Princeton University and author of A Well-Ordered Thing: Dmitrii Mendeleev and the Shadow of the Periodic Table

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