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Ben's presentations weave inspiration and humor with improv techniques that audiences can easily learn and apply.

Topic #1: Improvisation Works
Essential Improv Techniques To Strengthen Work Relationships And Improve Organizational Health

Improvisation Works is a fun, energizing, interactive session to help participants quickly learn the essential improvisational techniques that improve communication, creativity, resilience, and organizational health.

Audiences will learn how to:

  • Connect quickly and have meaningful conversations
  • Sharpen creativity and generate new ideas
  • Find the good in unusual and difficult circumstances
  • Access a deeper level of insight about other people
  • Communicate confidently and persuasively

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Topic #2: How To Write A Presentation
An Improvisational Approach To Developing And Delivering Presentations 

How To Write A Presentation is an inspiring, practical, interactive session designed to help experts, managers, executives, and leaders become more persuasive, confident speakers.

Ben teaches an improvisational approach to developing and delivering a speech that leverages your expertise and authenticity – not your ability to memorize lines and deliver them like an actor.

Audiences will learn:

  • A step-by-step method to create any presentation
  • Strategies to deeply empathize with the audience
  • How to get ideas from your head into an organized structure
  • Techniques to engage, captivate, and persuade

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