Listening, Persuading, and Selling Effectively

I train technical professionals to become better listeners, speak clearly and effectively, and succeed in sales situations.

Listen With Confidence

This online training will help you to become a better listener. Develop stronger muscles of attention, discern subtext more easily and clearly, collaborate more effectively, and become more confident in any communication situation.

We'll cover topics such as: starting with why, rapid rapport, deeper levels of listening, and soliticing and handling challenging feedback.

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Persuade With Story

This online training will teach you how to use story to understand people and situations in a deeper way, then maximize your persuasive impact.

We'll cover topics such as: "invisible ink," the three business stories, urgency amplification, and Hollywood storytelling techniques you can use in your business such as mystery boxes, meet cutes, and save the cats.

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Sell With Empathy 

This online training will teach you a simple and effective way to handle sales meetings and other key discussions.

We'll cover topics such as: the empathy mindset, meeting choreography, audience analysis, discovering subtext, and power questions.

We can also create "cases" based on situations in your business or at your company, then role play the cases to practice and hone new skills.

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The event was amazing. Thank you so much for your engagement, preparation, and execution. It was one of the highlights of our event.

Rachel Gilbreath

General Manager (Academics), GE Healthcare

The workshop was a great success! Really impactful way to exercise our empathy muscles. Thank you for being such an important part of our leadership conference kick-off.”

Dr. Cheri L. Canon

Chair of Diagnostic Radiology, University of Alabama Hospital