Improv For Professional And Personal Growth

Improv training develops mindfulness, resilience, empathy, confidence, and creativity. This translates to leadership, productivity, and the bottom line. Plus... it's fun!

Clients Include

Custom Improv Workshops

A custom improv workshop is an exciting experience that lays the foundation for lasting change. Additional training catalyzes a deeper level of transformation, skill acquisition, and esprit de corps.

  • Build new relationships quickly
  • Deepen existing relationships
  • Sharpen creative abilities
  • Improve communication skills
  • Promote organizational health

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The event was amazing. Thank you so much for your engagement, preparation, and execution. It was one of the highlights of our event.

Rachel Gilbreath

General Manager (Academics), GE Healthcare

Ben’s improv methodology is a wonderful way to learn improv. Furthermore, the lessons are based on such solid fundamentals that go beyond improv & comedy and into improving overall ability with creative thinking.

Patrick Webb

Mainframe IT Specialist, Cray

Improv can seem very intimidating. Ben creates a safe space and respectful atmosphere that enables me to listen closely to others and make moves knowing that my team has my back. I’ve come to really enjoy taking risks and discovering success.

Kaki Kelly

High Performance Computing System Administrator, Los Alamos National Laboratory