Introvert. Listener. Secret Weapon.

I’m an introverted (but likable!) speechwriter and presentation coach.

What I do is listen to you and ask you a lot of questions, then help you structure and refine your presentation, pitch, or speech to maximize clarity and persuasion.

Depending on your needs, I can also help you craft pivotal sentences to express your Big Idea, make key points, and persuade listeners to act.

I’ll also help you to perform with poise and confidence. The way I do this is a little different from other presentation skills experts….

Traditional presentation skills training is an “outside-in” way of thinking about performance. You learn how certain successful speakers look and behave while speaking, and you’re taught to fit yourself into that mold.

Everyone gets taught the same things: start strong, make eye contact, don’t say umm, project your voice, punch verbs, use hand gestures, etc.

This approach can work, and it can also cause unnecessary anxiety and self-consciousness. 

You’re thinking about yourself, your posture, whether you’re punching your verbs, the breadth of your hand gestures….

My approach to presentation skills training is "inside out."

This means helping you connect emotionally to the content, improving the content so that it fits who you are, and staying true to your strengths and expertise. 

The result is that you'll be focused on your audience (not yourself), you'll be perceived as being confident and authentic, and your optimal presentation style will emerge organically.

And then… I disappear.

I am a secret weapon, after all. 🙂

The point is that I don’t talk about you (or my other clients). People share confidential personal and professional information with me and my discretion makes that possible.

So, enough about me....

Let’s see if I can help YOU in some way right now.

After twenty years helping people deliver great pitches, speeches, and presentations, I’ve compiled the presentation skills training advice I give most often into the following article:

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