Translate complex and original ideas into simple and persuasive language

Consulting is appropriate for people who want to improve a specific piece of content such as a sales presentation, VC pitch deck, lab crawl, keynote speech, media/press talking points, or TEDx talk.

Ben has a wide range of expertise and a facility for seeing and amplifying what’s good – even things you may not have noticed.

Michael Gordin, Ph.D.

Professor of History and Science at Princeton University and author of A Well-Ordered Thing: Dmitrii Mendeleev and the Shadow of the Periodic Table

Ben Taxy is a rare combination of rock-solid talent and visionary skills. He would add to the quality of any project. I am grateful for his work and would recommend him as being among the best in the profession.

Benjamin Shield

Ph.D., co-author of Healers on Healing, For the Love of God, Handbook of the Heart, and Handbook of the Soul

I have access to all top comedy writers in the business and I like to work with and refer people to Ben Taxy. Ben has an incredible ability to write in your voice and the talent to make you sound original and funny.

Judy Carter

Author of the best-selling books The Message Of You, The Comedy Bible

Ben is a total professional, fun to work with, and has a knack for getting to the essence of something with simple and direct language.

Justin Harelik

CEO, Westgate Law, and Bankruptcy Adviser and Columnist for

Recent Client Stories

A detail-oriented executive at a large multinational had to present a plan to change hiring practices to her department heads, regional directors, national VPs, and eventually, the C-suite. I helped her to reduce the number of slides by half, script her core message into a repeatable sound bite, and design special content to be used in the Q & A only if certain questions were asked. She got promoted.

A regional director at a think tank fighting climate change wanted to bring on a big corporation as a sponsor. I worked with her to sharpen her argument and focus her deck. She sold a piece of business ten times greater than what she originally expected. She used the same material at a UN conference on climate change where she spoke to a large audience and landed two new accounts.

An analyst for a small political consulting firm had been using the same presentation for years to get new clients. I worked with him to focus on his best material and create a much shorter and more impactful deck. He became successful enough to start his own business and is now a top national political operative.