Advanced Presentation Skills Training Program

The best technical people become 10x more valuable when their presentation skills rise to meet their technical expertise.

However, elite technical experts don't respond to the same kind of presentation skills training that works for people in sales, marketing, legal, or HR. 

Over the last 15 years, I have developed an advanced presentation skills system tailored specifically to technical people so they can:

  • Express technical solutions with a compelling narrative.
  • Deliver more engaging presentations.
  • Listen, connect, and empathize.
  • Anticipate and answer questions effectively.

What makes engaging with me different is I train within the technical expertise of the participants and use their current projects as the basis for the training.

As the participants develop new skills, they can put them to use immediately on actual work, and if there is a specific presentation coming up where the stakes are high, that event is more likely to be successful.

Enterprise Technology Sales Deck Review

Most sales decks have too many slides, too many words per slide, and a longer talk track than necessary (despite everyone's best efforts).

This happens because of a lack of story. Story shapes structure.

Story is the framework that helps you decide:

  • What slides belong in the deck (and what to cut)
  • The order in which to present those slides
  • Which words go on the slide or into the talk track

My role is to help you identify different narrative elements, clarify and hone the core story, make decisions about deck structure and slide content, sharpen the talk track, and prepare for the Q & A.

Mathews Mathai

Consulting Services Manager At Autodesk

"I had the privilege of attending several of Ben's sessions on active listening, story telling, and how to sell an great idea. These were some of the most impactful sessions I have had in my professional career and have changed how I approach executive presentations. His ability to take a message and masterfully help you to turn it into a compelling pitch for the intended hero or audience is amazing."

Tacey Baker, MBA, PMP

Chief Operating Officer, Sophic Synergistics

"I am very grateful for the opportunity to have taken Ben’s course on Active Listening and Storytelling with several of my colleagues. This is the best course I have ever taken.

Through a series of mentoring sessions, we developed active listening skills to confirm we understood each other’s perspectives and learned how to develop a presentation that would move and excite our audience to take action.

These active listening skills can be applied in professional and personal relationships to improve communication and understanding. I very much appreciate everything I learned from Ben. He is an amazing mentor and coach."

Paolo Emilio Serra

Principal Implementation Consultant, Autodesk

"Ben is the embodiment of talent, passion, and effective communication. He is making the world a better place one conversation at a time. He taught me and my colleagues how to truly listen, choose the right ingredients to convey a message, and make it memorable. I'm privileged to say that after working with Ben, I started to think, feel, and do things differently when it comes to communicating with others."

Robert Herczeg

Principal Implementation Consultant, Autodesk

"I had the honor to attend one of Ben's trainings at Autodesk to learn about storytelling. It was one of the best trainings I ever attended, and one of the reasons was his incredible personality. He is a professional and one who really cares, curious, and open to learn. I was amazed by the way he managed to lead the discussions with confidence, and guided a very diverse group of highly accomplished experts through the journey of composing a story. Since the training I look at and prepare for my presentations differently, thinking about what Ben taught us."

Nirav Patel

Sr. Consulting Project Manager, Autodesk

"Ben is an amazing mentor and coach. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have taken Ben's course on Active Listening, Storytelling, and Leadership. I have gained active listening & influencing without authority skills that can be applied to both personal and professional relationships to improve communication and understanding. Ben not only helped me recognize some inconvenient truth about my communication style, but also equipped me with tools and techniques to conquer it. As a result, I not only have transitioned to be a great listener but also an impactful leader at work and for society."

Christina Beckmann

CEO of Tomorrow's Air

"In the 10+ years I have had the good fortune to collaborate with Ben Taxy he has never failed to bring about important improvements that translate directly into better outcomes for our projects. 

When I bring him in early in a project he is invaluable in helping refine goals and scope. Later on, we benefit from that firm foundation to develop the core narrative and key messages, something he is masterful at coaxing out of all my extraneous words and ideas. 

One reason Ben's work is magical - yes, magical! - is that he shows up to whatever challenge I bring with his own vast and varied intellectual background. He doesn't just listen closely and interrogate my vision to bring precision to what I'm trying to say, he also brings a truckload of his own personal factual wisdom. He will easily relate the task at hand to precedents in other industries, the arts, politics, technology. If he doesn't know much about the topic we've got on the table at the moment I first bring it to him, he'll show up to the second meeting having read and digested the seminal literature on the topic, to become as well versed as anyone in the room.

Our most recent collaboration is highly technical, and its success hinges on it feeling accessible and non-technical: we're working on mainstreaming carbon removal to restore Earth's climate through a new initiative called Tomorrow's Air. For Tomorrow's Air, Ben has supported every step of our journey: from my efforts to win internal support to create the initiative, to the core pillars of our brand story and the communications strategy that has helped us grow our audience from 0 to 20k+, ordering more than 50 tons of carbon removal from leading innovators, in a little over two years. 

I highly endorse Ben Taxy! I have worked with a range of smart communicators over the years, but no one is as powerful and provocative and absolutely worth it as Ben."

Raffale Sammarco

Principal Consulting Project Manager, Autodesk

"I had the opportunity to work with Ben last year during an internal project. Ben is an amazing mentor and coach. His mentorship helped me to improve my communication skills with active listening, storytelling, influencing without authority, executive presentation, and so on. I started using it in my professional and personal life. One additional point was the fact Ben knows my company very well (approach, strategy, goals we want to achieve, and so on) and this helped a lot to use these skills in real-case scenarios and not only at a training level as often happens."